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Eye Exams

We care about your eyes!

That’s why regular testing is so essential. Without the testing performed during eye exams, we can’t keep track of any changes in your eyesight and make sure your prescription is precisely right.

It is important to have an eye exam at least once a year to assess your eye health and ensure you have the best possible eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions. With more than 100 different ways to test your eyes are working correctly, our eye doctors select the tests most appropriate for you. The eye exam not only provides an accurate assessment of your ability to see, but also gauges the general health of your eyes and helps with early identification of health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

The Maryland optometrists at Eyeland use state-of-the-art equipment to examine your eyes for problems such as dry eye, allergy, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. We can learn a lot about your systemic health by carefully looking at your eyes. Certain diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can often be detected in the eye before a patient is aware of having such problems. At Eyeland, the examination process is interactive, so that you walk away from the experience with a better understanding of your eyes and a working plan to address or treat any eye problems that are detected. We will also offer suggestions on preventative care so that you are empowered to decrease your risk of certain eye diseases.

The Process

If you’ve never had an eye exam before, the process is very simple and thorough. A comprehensive eye exam takes about 30 minutes, and in that time your optometrist will look closely at all aspects of your vision and eye health. Following your eye exam, we have expert associates on hand to help you to select a pair of glasses to suit your face perfectly, or the right contact lenses for your requirements.

You may feel that your eye sight has not changed. However, it’s always safer to make sure. Just like check-ups at the doctor or dentist, regular eye exams are an essential part of routine health care. Our comprehensive eye examination and assessment includes full examination of your eyes, followed by a discussion with you about your specific needs. We’ll make sure your prescription is right for you.

We will explain your prescription to you, detailing how problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia may apply to your eyes. Once the correct prescription is determined, we will communicate your needs to one of our skilled opticians so that you end up with the best frame for your prescription from a functional as well as a cosmetic perspective.

If you wear contact lenses, regularly use computers, or have a family history of glaucoma or diabetes, then regular eye examinations are even more important.

At Eyeland Eyecare Centers conveniently located in Rockville, Aspen Hill, and Chevy Chase, Maryland, we use the most up-to-date equipment, and making an appointment is easy! Contact us now.